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Ortoimballaggi srl was born in 1984 in the form of small family-run sawmill based on handicraft production of wooden turned to the fruit and vegetable sector.

Initially placed in a small area in the center of Achates,
begins work with the support of smaller equipment manuals inserting small steps in the timber market and following closely the evolving through the needs of its customers, the company began to diversify its product range by improving the quality of its services with the 'acquisition of the first semi-automatic production line.

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Hence the business expands as well as in the retail trade in the wholesale, increasing more and more productions and also offering customized products with specific characteristics of customer demand.

With the passage of time, comes the need to operate on a wider surface capable of making smoother and more 'efficient working activity in all its forms.
Hence the decision to move the headquarters from the town's industrial area Achates at c / by moats, where the company still continues to operate.

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In a short time, he creates other areas of work including that of resale and revision of the assembly of components used.

Thanks to this branch of the company begins to move also in international markets becoming a real reference point in the industry, specializing in the production of semi-finished products, spanning the production of sawn timber and veneer of various species and sizes.

With the experience gained over the years, today the company is able to embrace the packaging industry in all its forms, from the operation of processing plants, semi-finished products for the production of packaging and pallets, as well as the realization of the finished product.

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